What is the process to buy Levitra over the counter?

Levitra is one of the best erectile dysfunction (ED) medications that work very well for many men worldwide. Its use and effectiveness is so well-known that people try to buy Levitra over the counter. In this guide, a brief overview is provided on whether Levitra can be bought over the counter or not, and other buying options that are currently available.

Is it possible to get Levitra over the counter?

Levitra is approved for use in the US as a prescription medication. This means that you cannot walk up to any over the counter store that sells medications and just purchase a pack of Levitra. You must be prescribed to take Levitra by a medical practitioner in order to be able to order the Levitra pills and use them. If you are reluctant to visit the doctor to check your ED symptoms, then getting Levitra without a prescription at brick-and-mortar drug stores is not possible.

What are the options to buy Levitra?

When over the counter Levitra is not available, one may look at other options that make it possible to purchase ED pill Levitra. One such option that is fast gaining traction the world over is to use an online pharmacy that offers Levitra. There are many internet drug stores that offer Levitra without prescription. However, these online pharmacies may not be safe or well-reputed if they provide Levitra without asking for a prescription. You wouldn’t know if the drug you receive is authentic or not. You would also need a doctor’s advice on how exactly to take Levitra and other dosage instructions. Opt for an online pharmacy that offers online prescription writing services. Here, you would be able to consult with the online doctor and get prescribed Levitra itself, without having to worry about getting Levitra over the counter. When you have the Levitra prescription, the same can be used in the online pharmacy to place your order and get the pills delivered directly to your home.

How to safely use an online pharmacy to order your Levitra pills for ED?

Now that you know how to get Levitra when over the counter Levitra is not possible, you should also be aware of how to safely make the purchase using an online pharmacy. Taking a few basic precautions will ensure that you receive only the authentic Levitra tablets that are of genuine quality. Look for an online pharmacy that asks for the prescription before filling out the order. All licensed online drug stores are required to get the customer’s prescription information for drugs that require prescriptions. If you wish to get the generic Levitra i.e., Vardenafil so that it will be cheaper, compare and see the prices across different online pharmacies. Usually if the Levitra price is too low, then it is most likely to be a scam site that just wants your credit card information. Also see if the complete product information is available on the Levitra online pharmacy page so that you would be informed on how to safely take the drug.